Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting

3d Wasserstrahlschneiden - Purverfahren
Waterjet cutting = cold cutting process without warm flow zones | Future-oriented and ecologically friendly technology of a high automation | Cutting of materials with highest precision

Use and Applications

Water jet cutting technology for industrial applications: even complex components can be produced individually and economically. Use waterjet cutting for accurate cutting with high precision.


3d Wasserstrahlschneiden: Löcher in die Rohre schneiden
Materials up to 350 mm thick and cutting widths cut from 0.25 mm upward can be achieved. All materials will be cut exactly with highest presicion.

Abrasive waterjet method

2d Wasserstrahlschneidetechnik Abrasiv-Verfahren
The abrasive water jet cutting is appropriate for materials like Marble and stone, Glass, Ceramics, Composite materials, High-grade steel, Titanium, Aluminium

Micro Water jet cutting

Feinschneiden - Finecut: mikrogenaue Technik mit Wasserstrahlschneiden
Micro Waterjet cutting – precise Finecut technology: with a jet of water of 0.2 mm in diameter | Possibility to reach a tolerance area from + / -0.01 mm